a unique six stage to ensure quality of service

At WPi, each project we undertake goes through a unique six stage process to ensure quality of service. Our six stage process is designed to reflect our philosophy of clearly defining objectives and creating long-term value for our clients.


Stage 1 — Application Elements Analysis

The most important task in creating a web application is extracting the requirements. Customers typically know what they want in terms of functioning of the application. Once the general requirements are gathering from the client, an analysis of the scope of the development should be determined and clearly stated. This is often called a scope document. The purpose of this stage is to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your requirements and the resources to execute the requested service to your satisfaction.

Stage 2 — Application Prototype or Sample Work

Before entering into a formal arrangement with us, you may desire to sample our services. Thus, at your request, we are more than willing to conduct a free pilot program for applicable solutions or provide you with a sample of our work. This pilot program or sample can occur before you commit to our services and allows you to realize the value of our services before committing.

Stage 3 — Cost Savings Analysis

Despite their claims, many vendors do not in fact offer rates that are lower than their competitors. Therefore, rather then simply claiming that our rates are better than our competitors, at WPi we show you exactly how much you will save by partnering with us.

Cost Savings Analysis begins with us collecting price quotes for your project from numerous business service providers. You are then able to view the rate other companies will charge to complete the project. By comparing our rates with other companies you are able to realize exactly how much you are saving by partnering with WPi.

Stage 4 — Performance Measurement and Finalization of Agreement

The fourth stage of our process involves the constant review of our performance. Output is measured by way of mutually agreed upon benchmarks. A formal agreement is also entered into at this point that addresses issues of security, confidentiality, and ethics.

Stage 5 — Transparent Monitoring of Project

If a business solutions provider is doing its job honestly, with integrity, and with the efforts promised, the firm should have no problem raising the curtains to let the audience see the show. At WPi we stand behind this philosophy by offering a complete transparent working relationship.

Stage 6 — Client Feedback and Testimonials

At WPi we encourage continual client feedback through both direct communication and periodic progress reports. This feedback gives us insight into how we can continue to meet and exceed your expectations.