User Interface Design

Increasing numbers of websites are developing new types of user interface design, taking advantage of users' increasing levels of Internet-sophistication and faster connections. These new interfaces often allow users to view and manipulate large quantities of data.

Innovative User Interface Design (UI/UE)

Many technological innovations rely upon User Interface Design to elevate their technical complexity to a usable product. Technology alone may not win user acceptance and subsequent marketability. The User Experience, or how the user experiences the end product, is the key to acceptance. And that is where User Interface Design enters the design process.

While product engineers focus on the technology, usability specialists focus on the user interface. For greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness, this working relationship should be maintained from the start of a project to its rollout.

Usability Testing

Usability testing (or user testing) involves watching typical site visitors attempt to complete realistic tasks on your website, with us measuring the ease with which they do so. The results of the analysis are a huge eye-opener and their implementation often leads to:

  • — Increased sales and task completion, as well as a high rate of return site visitors
  • — A greatly improved understanding of your customers' needs
  • — A significant reduction in call centre enquiries
  • — A much more user-focused in-house development team
Usability testing is truly an eye-opening experience. You'll have the opportunity to witness your site visitors struggle to complete what you perceive to be the easiest and most intuitive of tasks.

User Interface Design Expert Services @ WPi

WPi can assist your company in making your products easy to learn, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and marketable. Our User Interface Design experts specialize in website design. They apply a systematic technique to design and evaluate websites for maximum effectiveness, easy navigation, and enhanced user experience.